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Edenhall E25


Complete beet kart with a long and wide web for easy unloading in the trucks.
Separate speed settings for all  steps.
Usable together  with all harvesters on the market.

Beet bunker

The beet bunker are a strong construction for 25 tons off beets and contains a bottom chain  that  will  transport the beet forward.The bottom belt are working in 3 different speed step. Puls,slow and fast.

Front part with unloading web

Short bottom chain that transports the beet to the web.


E25 can be ordered with unloading elevator mounted to the right or left.
Can load 25 tons of sugar beets
Tank volume: 44m3

Unloading time: Approx. 2 minutes
Unloading height 2 - 4 meter.
Unloading belt 1850mm wide.

Rubber screen

Hydraulically alternatively fixed rubber screen that prevents the beetles to fly over the bet wagon.

Hydraulic system

E25 is hydraulic driven. The pto shaft drives a gear box  for the 4 pumps. The pumps are operated electric from the cab.
The oil tank contains approx 100 liters incl the filter.
For safety the system are using level switch witch shuts of the system if oil its missing.
For operating  the unloading  web  and side gate up and down the hydraulic on the tractor is used.

Hydraulic sidegate

Hydraulic side gate for quick unloading from the harvester.

Adjustable height from 3 - 3,6 meter.


For transport the unloading web is foulding in 2 step, first the bottom part then the top part for low transport height.


The E25 can operate together with most sugar beet harvesters.

Control system

The driver control  the machine  from the joystick. Side gate  and  elevator height are controlled  from the tractor. One hand grip with buttons for easy control .Functions
F1  Start unloading web
F2  Stop unloading web 
F3  Working light on/off
F4  Flashing light on/off 
F5  Start and step up short floor
F6  Start and step down short floor
F7  Start and step up long floor
F8  Start and step down long  floor
On the back side an button to change speed on the unloading web up and down.

Mounted on Metsjö´s chassi Meta Q 75

3 axel chassie useable   for a lot of different  bodys ..


E25 can be removed and chassi can be used with other equipments.
(See seperate leaflet)

Safety system

Edenhall E25 safety equipment is adapted for an efficient and safe operation.
Emergency buttons are placed strategically and can easily be reached in an emergency.
Edenhall E25 are CE-branded.


Teknical Data

Weight: 4000kg Tank volume: 44 m3
Längth: 9,0 m
Height: 4,0 m Unloading height: 2,0 - 4,0 m
Transport widht: 2,9 m

Tractor specifications

PTO-shaft:                                          1000 rpm.
Electrical power:                                12 Volt
Recommended choice of tractor::   140 kw


Contact us

Edenhall Mek Verkstad AB

Vallåkravägen 54

SE-253 43  Vallåkra


Tel. +4642324050

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