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Sugarbeetharvester Edenhall 753 Option 753 Edenhall 754 Edenhall E25

Optional accessories to Edenhall 753


The EDENHALL SEVEN SERIES fully offset, two, three and four row trailed, tanker suger beet harvesters. Using the latest technology to set new standards in ease of operation and quality of harvesting. * Joystick control * Combi-clean System * Large 12 tonne holding tank * A full integrated single unit harvester - a complete lifting system.



For spreading the leaves on a larger area a spreader disc can be mounted.


The knives can be replaced by disctoppers, either one or on all rows. The

disctopper keeps itself clean and sharp. Perfect for frozen leaves or fields with a lot of weed.

As an option a hydraulic moveable bracket for the knives or disctoppers can

be mounted. This makes it possible to change the topping while harvesting.

Steering & depth control

The feelers follow the beets and adjust both the steering and the depth. There

are two units on each machine for a more sensible row and depth control.

Easy to adjust from the computer.

Variable row width

Can only be mounted on 754 with oscillating lifters. Makes the machine

compatible even with a 18 row drilling machine

Oppel wheels

Hydraulically driven oppel wheels with powerful gearboxes and minimum maintenance. The lifter units are mounted on the lifter frame in a pivot position with separate stone protection. The speed of the wheels are adjustable from the computer.

Stabilizer disc

A stabilizer disc is recommended when the terrain is though and if the machine

does not have hydraulically driven right wheel.

The stabilizer disc is automatically controlled by the movement of the lifters.





The two wheels; Trelleborg 600/65 x R34 gives the harvester a low ground preassure and a stabile operation. The harvester also has good ”opening

skills” since the wheels are in line and the boggi axle is moveable sideways.

Extra opition:

Trelleborg Twin 710/60 x R34"

Trelleborg Twin 800/55 x 30,5’’


Right wheel

The large right wheel also contribute to the low ground preassure.

Standard dimension: 800/65 x R32"

Extra option:

1050/50 x R32


Hydrulic driven right wheel

A hydraulic motor can be mounted on the right wheel to get it driven and to

get a better and more stabile operation in the field. A sensor turns the power

automatically on and off depending on the speed forward or backwards.


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